lamsribbetjie copyBert’s has an awesome range of freshly prepared lamb cuts. We are also proud of our specially prepared, easy to cook, lamb dinners.

Process of Preparation

Fresh lamb sosaties
Cubes of succulent lamb pieces are strung together with slices of onion and apricot, marinated in a sweet curry sauce.

Pre-cooked lamb shanks, shoulders or necks ready for supper in 45minutes
Vacuum packed and marinated in suculent mint sauces. These tasty, tender lamb shanks, shoulder or neck are ready for dinner in less than an hour.

Lamb ribs, rashers, riblets & pinwheels
This is another favourite that comes ready to cook.  Perfect for braai’s or grilled in the oven..

Deboned leg in a Greek marinade
Lamb casserole

Fresh Cuts
Some of our most popular cuts include:

Leg of lamb
Braai chops
Lamb stew cuts