DSC_8960Bert’s pork, like all our products, adheres to the highest hygiene and testing standards and we confidently sell a magnificent variety of fresh and oven-ready pork.

Fresh cuts
We suggest you try any of the following:

Lion & rib chops
Belly rib
Deboned loin

Process of Preparation
Much care is taken to prepare Bert’s marinades, stuffings  and pork rolls – all vacuum packed and ready to cook.

Pork neck
Pork roll
Addictive to braai chops (marinated)
Hams & gammon

We supply the glaze with the gammon, and a step-by-step instruction on how to prepare the meat  effortlessly and tasty.

Kassler chops
Honey or barbeque basted pork rashers
Marinated  spare ribs
Pork sausages