Bert’s BoereworsDSC_0440

In the late 1990’s Bert’s exclusive Boerewors recipe, which had won the butchery its local acclaim, was also awarded the coveted title of Boerewors of the year.

Free State Boerewors

Alongside Bert’s Boerewors is a winning Free State formula that has stood the test of time over four generations.

Curry Wors

Made with fresh dhania, coconut milk, curry, herbs and spices, this wors has a distinct tangy flavour with a slight spicy ‘bite’ for the more adventurous tastebuds.  Its different and a must at any barbeque.

Garlic Wors

This wors has an abundant infusion of fresh chopped garlic and herbs.

Thin sausage (no pork)

Thin beef sausage with all the ingredients and herbs to conjure an interesting sausage. Ask our on-duty butcher or order telephonically (011) 782-4919 as this sausage is very popular.

Beef, Lamb and Pork sausages